Healthy Student Lifestyle Program

The Healthy Student Lifestyle Program is a core transformative program offered by the Health Services Department.  In this program, students will be able to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle through proper dietary practices, physical activities, indulgence on sports and recreational activities.  After doing so, students will be able to impart their knowledge and skills to others and to the community.

Activity Code Name of Activity 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year
1st sem 2nd sem 1st sem 2nd sem 1st sem 2nd sem 1st sem 2nd sem
HSL 1 Health Promotion and Physical Wellness   /            
HSL 2 Common Illnesses and Diseases of Young Adults     /          
HSL 3 Stress Related Illnesses and Diseases.         /      
HSL 4 Occupational Related Disease and Injuries               /