Mission Exposure Program

The Mission Exposure Program is a core transformative program offered by the Office of Community Extension Services.  In this program, the students will be able to learn and describe the challenges confronting the members of a community and be able to apply participatory mechanisms in identifying their needs.  They will also be able to develop research projects / studies that will help benefit the people affected and improve their lives.

Activity Code Activity Name 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year
1st sem 2nd sem 1st sem 2nd sem 1st sem 2nd sem 1st sem 2nd sem
MEP 1 CES Orientation /              
MEP 2 Feeding / /            
MEP 3 Orphanages/Homes for the Elderly / /            
MEP 4 Moblie School 1 / /            
MEP 5 Mobile School 2 / /            
MEP 6 Balay Samaritano / /            
MEP 7 Immersion / /