The Bachelor of Special Needs Education in Montessori Education is designed to help future teachers acquire the competence to work with children with disabilities, e.g. those with autism, sensory impairments, emotional disturbance and developmental delays so these individuals will have better access to appropriate education and be able to achieve academic and life success.

This undergraduate teacher education program will enable its graduates to teach the basic education curriculum and alternate curricula in traditional or Montessori school settings depending on the needs of the students as determined by their individual education programs.

This Specialization in Montessori Education builds competencies for these jobs

  • ECE teachers
  • Special Education teachers
  • Learning support staff
  • Shadow teachers can teach in Montessori schools as
  • Montessori pre-school/lower Elementary teachers
  • Special Education teachers
  • Itinerant teachers/Shadow teachers
  • Learning Support
  • Intervention Specialists, Job/BehaviorCoaches and Tutors


  • The Child and Adolescent Learners and Learning Principles
  • The Teaching Profession
  • Facilitating Learner-Centered Teaching
  • Technology for Teaching and Learning 1
  • Foundation of Special and Inclusive Education Assessment in Learning 1
  • Assessment in Learning 2
  • The Teacher and the School Curriculum
  • The Teacher and the Community, School Culture and Organizational Leadership
  • Building and Enhancing New Literacies Across the Curriculum


  • Early Childhood Inclusive Education
  • Learners with Developmental Disabilities
  • Learners with Sensory and Physical Disabilities
  • Learners with Emotional, Behavioral, Language and Communication Disabilities
  • Gifted and Talented Learners
  • Instructional Adaptations in Language and Literacy Instruction
  • Instructional Adaptations in Mathematics and Science Instruction
  • Instructional Adaptations for Teaching the Content Areas (Social Sciences, Humanities Curriculum and Pedagogy in Inclusive Education
  • Behavior Management and Modification
  • Educational Assessment of Students with Additional Needs
  • Development of Individualized Education Plans
  • Adapted Physical Education and Recreation, Music and Health
  • Organization and Administration of Special Education Programs Including Effective Communication with Professionals and Families
  • Teaching Multi-grade Classes
  • Research in Special Needs and Inclusive Education


  • Foundations of Early Childhood Education (Introduction to Montessori Education)
  • Montessori Story of Creation and Practical Life
  • Creative Arts, Music, and Movements in Early Childhood Education
  • Montessori Sensorial Education
  • Literacy Development (Montessori Language)
  • Play and Developmentally Appropriate Practices in Early Childhood Education
  • Numeracy Development (Montessori Mathematics)
  • Social Studies in Early Childhood Education (Montessori Cosmic Education 1 – History, Culture, Geography)
  • Utilization of Instructional in Early Childhood Education
  • Science in Early Childhood Education (Montessori Cosmic Education 2 – Physical & Natural Sciences)


  • Field Study 1 - Observations of Teaching-Learning in Actual School Environment
  • Field Study 2 - Participation and Teaching Assistantship
  • Teaching Internship