Environmental planning, also known as urban planning, city planning, urban and regional planning, or human settlements planning, is a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary profession involved in the management of land resources and its accompanying urbanization. The very reason for the environmental planning profession is managing land to avoid the so-called “tragedy of the commons”,wherein individual decisions to pursue gains, if left unfettered, will ultimately result in the larger society being worse off. Environmental planning seeks to provide regulation and guidance on how land (the “commons”) is used so that public health, safety and welfare are safeguarded.

The Program in Environmental Planning builds competencies for these jobs:

  • City, Municipal or Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator
  • Technical Consultant (Preparation of feasibility studies, environmental assessments, comprehensive plans, sectoral plans, and strategic plans)
  • Physical Planner of sites, settlements, districts, towns, cities, and regions
  • Researcher for policy assessment and recommendation
  • Economic Development Specialist for national or subnational government agencies or non-government organizations


  • Technical Writing for Environmental Planners
  • Research Methods for Environmental Planners I
  • Statistics for Environmental Planners
  • Research Methods for Environmental Planners II
  • Earth Sciences
  • History and Theories of Planning
  • Human Ecology
  • Introduction to National Planning Policy
  • Planning Principles and Processes
  • Applied Meteorology and Climate Change
  • Economics for Urban Planners
  • Modeling Dynamic Systems


  • Cartography / Mapping / Surveying / Mapping Software
  • Geographic Information System
  • Land Use & Transportation Planning I
  • Local and International Planning Practice
  • Public Administration & Administrative Planning
  • Housing & Settlements Planning
  • Computer-aided Design, Rendering and Presentation Techniques
  • Project Development and Management
  • Land Use & Transportation Planning II
  • Economic Development Planning & Policy
  • Urban Design
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Conservation Practices in the Philippines
  • Social Planning & Development
  • Physical Planning and Building Regulation
  • Financial/Fiscal Planning/Investment Programming
  • Environmental Investigation I
  • Disaster Risk Reduction and Management and Climate Change Action Planning
  • Plan Implementation Strategies
  • Plan Opportunities/ Specializations Planning Office Operation
  • Environmental Investigation II


  • Pre-Thesis/SLA (Individual)
  • Pre-Thesis/SLA (Group Work)
  • Thesis /SLA (Individual)
  • Thesis/SLA (Group Work)