The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BS HM) is for those who want to translate their passion for food, travel and people into management careers as experts and entrepreneurs in the restaurant and accommodation industry. This program develops practitioners into hospitality experts combined with management competencies earning a total of seven (7) National Certifications. Our broad range of undergraduate courses reflects the diversity of the service sector and is specially designed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry in the 21st century. Students will be exposed to careers in the hospitality industry through an immersion program in our very own functional and student-run school hotel (The Carolinian Inn). This will be strengthened with additional internship in several accredited host training establishments like hotels, restaurants, resorts and other hospitality-related establishments both here and abroad. Students will be given the opportunity to learn a foreign language of choice: Mandarin, French, Spanish or Japanese.

The Program in Hospitality Management builds competencies for these jobs:

Dining Room Positions

  • Bartender
  • Barista
  • Restaurant Captain waiter/ Supervisor/ Manager
  • Bar Captain/ Supervisor/Manager
  • Room Service Captain/ Supervisor/Manager
  • Sommelier
  • Shift leader/Team Leader
  • Maitred Hotel
  • F and B Director
  • F and B outlet Captain/ Supervisor/ Manager

Convention, Entertainment Positions

  • Sales and Marketing Supervisor/ Manager/ Director
  • Convention/Event and Entertainment Coordinator/Supervisor/ Manager
  • Exhibit/Organizers/ Events Planners
  • Research Directors
  • Convention and Event Supervisor/Manager

Housekeeping Positions

  • Cabin Steward/ Supervisor/Manager
  • Housekeeping ( Public Area/Floor/Laundry/Linen Section Supervisor)
  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Laundry/ Linen Manager

Public Relations Positions:

  • Public Relations Supervisor/Manager
  • PR Supervisor/Manager/ Director

Front office Positions

  • Front Office Supervisor/Manager
  • Night Duty Supervisor/ Manager
  • Night Duty Auditor
  • Rooms Division Supervisor Manager
  • Reservations Supervisor/Manager
  • Receptions Supervisor/ Manager
  • Bell service Captain/ Supervisor/Manager 
  • Guest Relations Head/ Supervisor/Manager/ Director

Sales and Marketing Positions:

  • Sales and marketing account executives/ Manager/Director

Sports, Leisure and Recreation Positions

  • Spa Supervisor/Manager
  • Sports/Activity Supervisor/Manager/ Director
  • Leisure and Recreation Coordinator/Supervisor/ Manager/Director


  • Philippine Culture and Tourism Geography
  • Risk management as applied to safety, Security and Sanitation
  • Quality Service management in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Legal Aspects in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Macro Perspective of Tourism and Hospitality
  • Professional Development and Applied Ethics
  • Multicultural Diversity in Workplace for the Tourism Professional
  • Tourism and Hospitality Marketing
  • Micro Perspective of Tourism and Hospitality
  • Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality


  • Kitchen Essentials and Basic Food Preparation
  • Fundamentals in Food Service Operations
  • Fundamentals in Lodging Operations
  • Applied Business Tools and Technologies
  • Supply Chain Management in Hospitality Management
  • Introduction to Meetings, Incentives, 
  • Conferences and Events Management (MICE)
  • Ergonomics and Facilities Planning for the Hospitality Industry
  • Foreign Language 1
  • Foreign Language 2
  • Research in Hospitality


  • Barista
  • Art appreciation in the Hospitality Industry
  • Mixology
  • World Geography
  • Oenology
  • Sustainable Hospitality
  • Food Styling and Design
  • Fundamentals of Food Science and Technology
  • Cruise line Operations and Management
  • Recreation and Leisure Management


  • Housekeeping
  • Food and Beverage Services
  • Front Office Services
  • Cookery
  • Barista
  • Bartending
  • Events Management Services