Peer Facilitators Program

The Peer Facilitators Program is an elective transformative program offered by the Counseling and Development Center.  In this program, students who are interested to volunteer as peer facilitators will be able to spot co-learners with emotional and psychological concerns and refer them to the center.  They will also be able to facilitate psycho-educational activities like group dynamics and processing in order to help those who are in need.

Activity Code Name of Activity 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year
1st sem 2nd sem 1st sem 2nd sem 1st sem 2nd sem 1st sem 2nd sem
PFP 1 Retention and Training /   /          
PFP 2V Peer Facilitator - Virtus   /   /        
PFP 2D Peer Facilitator - Devotio   /   /        
PFP 3 PF Retooling*         /   /