Research & Development Program

The Research Development Program is an elective transformative program that is offered under Community Extension Services.  In this program, interested students will be able to learn more about how to properly conduct research and assessment activities that can further help both the community and the school.

Activity Code Activity Name 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year
1st sem 2nd sem 1st sem 2nd sem 1st sem 2nd sem 1st sem 2nd sem
RDP 1 RDEPO Orientation   /            
RDP 2 Seminar On Ethical Practices on Research   /            
RDP 3 Needs Assessment     /          
RDP 4 Community Validation     /          
RDP 5 Actual Research     /          
RDP 6 Monitoring and Evaluation       /        
RDP 7 Presentation of Research Results       /        
RDP 8 Developing of Extension Programs and Projects         /      
RDP 9 Exit and Sustainability Plan           /    
RDP 10 RE Capstone Projects           /